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Hubble & Hattie create high-quality, value-for-money publications that promote compassion, understanding and respect between all animals.
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With our two fabulous festive offers, we're giving a little extra Christmas Cheer this year. You can grab a FREE Mike&Scrabble 2018 Calendar just buy buying any two or more of our books, or when you buy both Mike&Scrabble books. Plus, everyone's favourite literary lurcher is here with a very special offer – the Quite Very Actual Worzel Collection: all three of Worzel's books, covering the first three years of Worzel's life, for a very special price. Click to find out more …

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The desire for human connection is a fundamental need. For some, however, the closest they come to this connection begins with a dog. This is the story of six abandoned dogs, who ended up living together and inspiring the development of the unique K9 Project.

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Our catalogue lists every single one of our books, ebooks and apps. You can view it online, or download it for free. We'll even pop one in the post if you ask nicely!

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Detector dog guides you through the steps that will help you teach your dog how to detect a particular scent, no matter where it's located.

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When Tracey and Paul adopted Scout, they promised him safety and security, and a life free from fear and loneliness; all the things denied him during his first few months of life. Discover how Scout’s carers learned to build on the unconditional trust and devotion that this clumsy, flat-footed, loveable Lurcher offered.

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Catherine Pickles and her Lurcher, Worzel, take you on a journey, where you will gain an understanding of how dogs think and feel, so that all children can have a wonderful relationship with the dogs in their lives, and all dogs can feel happy, safe, and loved.

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When Kac Young adopted a rescue dog called Talulah, she consulted behaviourist Lisa Tenzin-Dolma on all things dog-related. Lisa’s observations and guidance make an entertaining and informative book that will appeal to both new and seasoned dog guardians.

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How rescue animals can become therapy animals, by employing patience, understanding, compassion and love.

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The true story of a bond that developed between author Lisa Tensin-Dolma, and Charlie – a traumatised, one-eyed, Romanian dog who lived the first 18 months of his life in the wild, never socialising with humans.

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Worzel has reached that time in every dog's life when their owners wonder if the work, patience and dedication spent in the early days was pointless …

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Forty-two incomparable images of four- and two-legged individuals showcase the different dynamics of each relationship.

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Now in his third year, Worzel's horizon's are expanding. Worzel and his family campaign to save his favourite beach; there's also a foreign trip, a ball obsessed labrador to contend with, and a foster brother who needs teaching the ways of the world. And maybe, he can even teach Worzel a thing or two.

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An anthology of stories brought to life with colour photographs of the writers and their beloved canine companions. This ideal bedside or coffee table book conveys the key message that dogs can – and do – have a positive impact on the way we feel and live. All author royalties go to the charity Samaritans, to support its invaluable work of alleviating emotional distress and reducing suicidal behaviour.


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