Kathie Gregory

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Kathie Gregory and Star: one of her two horses which feature in her book
Kathie Gregory is a qualified animal behaviourist and trainer and has worked in the industry since 2001. Passionate about raising standards and awareness in how we teach and work with animals, she encourages everyone to use the best methods available.
Kathie uses scientifically proven methods, and positive reinforcement techniques to ensure each animal receives the best in behaviour and training modification.

She lives on a farm with her husband in rural Devon, UK. Clients for Kathie's behavioural and training practice enjoy the relaxed environment, their animals are quick to learn, and sometimes reluctant to go home at the end of a session! Often accompanied by the family dog and cat, her horses, sheep and ducks also like to 'help' as she does her job and goes about the day-to-day running of the farm.

Her first book,
A tale of two horses follows her own horses – both ex-racers – as they embark on a rehabilitation programme using only positive, reward-based methods. Determined to contribute to bringing horsemanship up to date, Kathie explains how to banish negative and punishment-based methods, and replace them with force-free, non-coercive techniques.
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In The Barefoot Horse Magazine, Kathie Gregory tells how she came to write her first book, A tale of two horses.
Click here to visit the website and find out more about The Barefoot Horse Magazine – ww.barefoothorsemag.co.uk

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