Kathie Gregory

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Kathie Gregory and Star: one of her two horses which feature in her book
Kathie Gregory is a qualified animal behaviourist, presenter and author, specialising in advanced cognition and emotional intelligence.
Passionate about raising standards and awareness in teaching and working with animals, she has developed free will teaching™ – a concept that provides the framework for animals to enjoy life without compromising their free will.

Kathie's work is divided between clients, mentoring, and writing. She regularly writes for Pet Professional Guild's magazine,
Barks from the Guild, and Kennel & Cattery Magazine. Her first book, A tale of two horses: a passion for free will teaching, is available online and in-store. Kathie lives with her husband, Matt, two dogs, two horses, and four cats.
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In The Barefoot Horse Magazine, Kathie Gregory tells how she came to write her first book, A tale of two horses.
Click here to visit the website and find out more about The Barefoot Horse Magazine – ww.barefoothorsemag.co.uk

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