Animal Grief

How animals mourn

Science is now providing some remarkable insights into animal behaviour, with crocodiles, for example, emerging as devoted parents, and elephants – like whales – able to communicate with each other across long distances by ultrasound, which is inaudible to our ears. There seems little doubt that animals experience a range of emotions, just as we do; but can they grieve, too ...?
  • Unique subject matter, drawing on the latest research
  • Covers both domestic and wild animals
  • A subject that has intrigued pet owners for many years
  • Fascinating insights into the natural world
  • Insights into how grieving may help wild animals to survive
  • How this could affect conservation planning
  • Sensitive, rational approach to the subject
  • The impact on pet owners and their animals
  • Written by an award-winning, multi-million selling specialist animal author
  • A book with widespread appeal for anyone with an interest in the natural world



Evidence exists that animals do feel grief. In addition, David Alderton – award-winning, multi-million selling specialist animal author – contends that emotions, including grief, can potentially have a positive survival value for a species.

The authoritative, rational text is superbly supported by interesting, sensitive photographs carefully chosen to be reflective of the subject matter.

Book specification     

Book specification

SKU HH4288
Format Hardback • 205 x 205mm • 80 pages • 79 colour and 3 b&w pictures
ISBN 978-1-845842-88-8
UPC 6-36847-04288-2
Published October 2011

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